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This is our team, a lot of smiling happy people who work hard to empower you.

Eric Skicki

Founder & CEO

Eric is an eccentric and intuitive leader driven by his passion for innovation. He believes that human potential is nearly limitless and that boundaries are meant to be broken.Eric's entrepreneurial drive and ambition has allowed him to not only bring his visions to life but also inspire thousands around him. In the face of uncertainty and a questionable future for realtors, Eric was on the hunt for an opportunity to build a tool that can serve realtors and add value to the real estate industry as a whole.

Eric decided to take on his next venture, BrokerPocket, in which he serves as the CEO and visionary leader navigating uncharted waters. As the CEO of BrokerPocket, Eric’s role began by taking his idea and turning it into a business. Aside from the traditional tasks of a CEO, he also takes on the role of CFO, including raising capital and assisting the CTO in building the technology platform. Regardless of the company he's building, Eric embraces a growth mindset and an HR-driven leadership approach in which his three operating principles always remain the same: System, Speed, Scale™.

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The BP Executive Team

Mark Sanchez

Chief Financial Officer

Mark provides guidance on the Company's capital structure, financial projections, and investor relation matters. Mark brings over 10 years of financial and Bay St investment banking experience to the team having led multiple companies through various stages of capital raises from Seed to post IPO rounds.

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David Wrobel

Chief Product Officer

David ensures design and developmental aspects of the BrokerPocket platform are optimal for users. Through strategic product direction implementation, Dave focuses on planning and executing the product vision that best serves our users.

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Gursharan Singh

Expansion Advisor

Gursharan researches and analyzes the real estate market and works to understand how the current and future market would impact BrokerPocket. Gursharan works to expand the BrokerPocket product into new markets and ensure an easy implementation.

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Ritesh Kumar

Growth Advisor

Ritesh's key responsibilities include developing key growth sales strategies, tactics and action plans to grow the company database. Ritesh works towards annual targets by understanding consumer needs and working on strategic partnerships.

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The BrokerPocket Team

Rafal Kapusta

Sales Specialist

Rafal connects and expands the BrokerPocket network by sharing the benefits of the platform with real estate professionals. Rafal is responsible for supporting, building and maintaining customer relationships.

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JingChang Xiao

Lead Developer

Chang leads the team of developers to ensure effective and proper planning, development and execution of technical objectives for the company. Chang is a coding genius that brings BrokerPocket’s vision into life through his technical expertises.

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Ricky Le

Front-end Developer

Ricky focuses on front-end development, ensuring optimal website design and computer programming. Ricky ensures a balance between functionality and aesthetics while ensuring web optimization on mobile and desktop.

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Hani Ghasempour

Full Stack Developer

Hani aims on front and back end development at BrokerPocket, to ensure all website functionalities and server functions are in proper working order. Hani works closely with Shah assisting with programming components and features, as well as maintaining, testing, and debugging various systems.

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Silas Ip

Full Stack Developer

Silas focuses on back-end development, ensuring all website features and functionalities are properly running. Silas assists with creating multi-select functions and features as well as ensuring the back-end technological functionality is operating.

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CJ Elmy

Full Stack Developer

CJ's primary area of focus is on the back-end development of websites, where she assist Shah to ensure the smooth and proper functioning of all website features and functionalities.

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The BrokerPocket Contributors

Robert Moskalik

Project Manager

Rob outlines the company's technological vision and implements technology strategies through mentoring and guiding the development team. With Rob's expertise, he is able to manage, maintain, and execute on our analytics infrastructure.

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Mark Piecynski

Sales Specialist

Mark connects and expands the BrokerPocket network by sharing the benefits of the platform with real estate professionals. Mark is responsible for supporting, building and maintaining customer relationships.

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Tequila is the ultimate company mascot. As a strong, bold German shepherd, he doesn’t mess around. He protects the BrokerPocket family and ensures we’re taken care of! He joins our meeting and would take his nap through it.

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