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2022.04.123 min read

BrokerPocket lanched 2.0 on the new platform

BrokerPocket lanched 2.0 on the new platform
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The launch of BrokerPocket 2.0 takes the platform further where individuals will be able to sell, buy and connect with other real estate professionals. The new Connect feature allows real estate professionals across Ontario, and soon to be all of Canada and the United States, to network. This is a feature the founder and CEO of BrokerPocket, Eric Skicki, believes will unite a fragmented market in which real estate professionals are often restricted to practicing in their designated areas and allocated boards.

BrokerPocket, being decentralized and borderless, provides agents with the ability to connect with other real estate professionals who are experts in their specific market and earn precious commission and deals that would otherwise not be possible. Through this feature, real estate professionals can find their clients homes regardless of location, allowing them to expand their network on a global scale.

BrokerPocket is the clear solution to finding off-market listings through its mission of helping real estate professionals better help their clients each and every day.

Take control of your business with BrokerPocket. BrokerPocket 2.0 is live as of April 1, 2022 with its first platform demonstration at the Buzz Conference on March 31, 2022.

Brokerages that are interested in signing up can contact BrokerPocket's operations manager Nikki Nalichowski at nikki@brokerpocket.com. As of the publication date of this article, the first available slot for brokerage onboarding falls at the end of April.

To sign up and explore the BrokerPocket 2.0 platform, register at app.brokerpocket.com/register.

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