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About BrokerPocket

BrokerPocket was founded by former real estate agents to solve two key challenges in the real estate industry.

First, there was no platform for agents to promote off-market properties, and, second, there was a lack of an efficient system for client referrals. BrokerPocket addresses these issues by providing a platform for showcasing off-market properties and facilitating seamless client referrals among agents.

How it all started...

dec 2020

Idea behind BP is born.

aug 2021

Seed round of $700k at $4M valuation completed.

sep 2021

The first 1.0 version of BP BETA is launched.

apr 2022

The second 2.0 Version of BP is introduced.

oct 2022

Series A funding starts at a $12M valuation.

jan 2023

BP celebrates platform milestone - 2300 listings and 5000+ agents.

summer 2023

Introduction of premium features.


Total Agents

$27 Million

Total Commissions

Our Clients are always our priority.

BrokerPocket's total addressable target market holds a value of $258.5B. The forecasted values are based on the assumption that 10% of every real estate transaction produced are off-market deals.

Our Business Model

Paid Advertisement

Brokerpocket will monetize through the use of paid advertising that will be designed to sit seamlessly on various areas of the platform. Agents, with the purchase of additional features, will be able to to capitalize on advertisement banners on the platform.

Referral Network

Through the agent-referral network system, the features will allow real estate professionals to gain back through every converted user they bring to the platform.

Premium Subscription

We offer premium subscription packages that will vary for individual agents, teams and brokerages. These subscriptions will be an additional benefit on top of the existing features that will remain FREE to users.

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