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BrokerPocket is a real estate agent only platform with the largest collection of off-market listings (also known as pocket listings). Agents can browse exclusive properties that can not be found anywhere else.

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Pocket Listings

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A pocket listing is a type of property that is listed off market. These types of properties, for various reasons, are not available to the general public and exclusively advertised amongst real estate professionals' networks. All in all, pocket listings are properties that are not offered on a multiple listing service (MLS®).

The type of listings offered on the BrokerPocket platform are exclusives, assignments, coming soon, and commercial listings.

Listing Types

exclusive listings

An 'exclusive' listing is when a seller does not wish to advertise their property on the MLS® system nor have it indexed on the web. A seller may choose the exclusive route due to individual privacy, property privacy, and other special circumstances.

assignment listings

An 'assignment' listing is when the original purchaser of a property, the "assignor," provides authorization for another buyer, the "assignee," to take over the rights of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale before the buyer closes on the property. An assignment is not a transfer of ownership of property, but rather a transfer of the right to own the property.

coming soon listings

A 'coming soon' listing means a property listing is not officially on the market nor advertised on MLS®. A coming soon property may be posted 21 days prior and must be removed immediately once it has been posted on the MLS®.

commerical listings

A 'commercial' listing means that a property is utilized exclusively for business-related purposes. Commercial real estate can also refer to profitable land as well as large rental apartments. Designating a property as a commercial property has an impact on how it is financed, how taxes are collected, and how the law is applied. Commercial can also include the sale of a business in which the property is not included in the transaction.

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